Kazya Mazya


On one of the Saturn’s moons there is a hidden ocean. Thick ice hides under the surface. In that remote place harbors is a little alien world. They do not look like us, yet we are well connected because we feed them even though we might know about it. They call themselves Kazya Mazya.
And they do not eat grass or meat, they absorb the waves that we generate in our sleep, so they feed on our dreams. This has been going on for thousands of earth years and most of the time it just works, but once in a millennia the link weakens and they panic. But there is a trick they use to fix all that. They highjack one of the human children’s dream and conscience and hold it for a while, this helps to tune the connection. If the child survives and manages to wake up and to remember what have happened we can find out a bit more about that strange world, that is how we know about them at all, but that knowledge is scarce and not yet unreveled.

Kazya Mazya images here are created by Dimka.